Preservation of your fertility

Thanks to the technique of freezing ovules by vitrification, it is possible to preserve ovules in order to maintain their current characteristics while waiting for the time when they wish to use them.

This technique has two main applications:

For social reasons

Fertility decreases naturally with age. Today the freezing of ovules allows to stop its gradual loss of reproductive capacity.
The Ashirwad IVF has a specific service for the preservation of fertility.

By medical indication

Certain treatments can irreversibly affect the current fertility of a woman’s ovules. The doctor must assess whether it is appropriate to apply this technique.

There are different diseases that can compromise a woman’s reproductive future: neoplastic processes, endometriosis, autoimmune diseases or even surgeries for benign problems that could diminish fertility and therefore make it difficult or impossible to have a child in the future.

The treatments of all these diseases are evolving in an important way, translating into a higher cure rate of the patients.

Neoplasms usually develop at an advanced age, but their prevalence in childhood, adolescence and young adults is not negligible. In the case of women of childbearing age, or pre-fertile, the treatments needed to cure the disease (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or some immunosuppressive treatments) can reduce or even nullify their ability to achieve a future pregnancy.

When a woman is diagnosed with a problem, the first thing she thinks about is healing, but health professionals should think that, when these women overcome their health problem, they will most likely want to have children.

The ovary is a sensitive organ, which can be damaged with some pharmacological treatments, especially those used in oncology. Your ability to properly ovulate and / or the eggs that you harbor may have lost their ability to develop an embryo of a healthy child may be impaired.

The different medical societies have developed guidelines for action against these diseases. Precisely one of the recommendations is to explain to the patient the possibilities that exist today to preserve their fertility.

One of the most proven techniques for the preservation of fertility is the freezing of ovules by vitrification. This allows that, once overcome the disease, the woman can get a pregnancy with their own eggs.

This process consists in stimulating the development of several follicles, in order that, under anesthetic sedation, and by aspiration, we obtain some ovules. These are then vitrified and kept unaltered until the woman has completed the treatment of her illness and wishes to have a child.

In the case of women over the age of 40, a personalized assessment must be made. At all times, the patient must receive medical advice and clear information according to their age and their ovarian reservation.

Pharmacological treatments for ovarian stimulation are adjusted to each case, as in breast cancer, where the protocols minimize the level of estrogen.

In these cases it is very important to act fast. At the EUGIN Clinic, we are fully aware of this, and we have a protocol specially designed so that the preservation of fertility does not delay the start of treatment.

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