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Our online diagnosis allows you to better understand your current situation, reduce uncertainty and dispel your doubts. At Ashirwad IVF Clinic in Muzaffapur, we adapt to your agenda – including weekends – helping to make everything more comfortable and discreet.

Whether you need more information to make a decision, or if you want to start tomorrow, this is your reference website. The information you will find here is completely transparent. An example: the prices of our treatments include everything you will need. So you have no doubts, no surprises, and you can compare them.

In less than two minutes, you will have completed your pre-diagnosis online, without any commitment or cost, and you will have all the information you need at your fingertips. At Ashirwad IVF Clinic in Muzaffapur, we are specialists in the main treatments of Assisted Reproduction.

Our vision is that of a world where every woman who wants to get pregnant can achieve her dream.

We have a great responsibility to contribute to this aspiration by applying the best techniques of assisted reproduction based on medical excellence, scientific rigor and a sincere commitment to guarantee the maximum well – being of the people who trust us.

We are a team of people who work with passion to achieve the dream so human that has been entrusted to us.